These were no ordinary friends though; his friends happened to be Picasso, Camus, Chagall, among others...
07 – May – 2012

Childhood experiences shape your whole life. So, let us imagine you grow up amongst the world’s most influential artists, how does that influence you?

Olivier Massart, owner of Domaine des Andéols, spent his youth in the same spot the hotel stands today. In fact, he still has his private house there and a guest chalet for friends.

When Olivier was still a boy, his grandfather’s door was always open to friends. As an artist he had no ordinary friends though; they happened to be Picasso, Camus, Chagall, among others. His Grandfather and his friends loved the shady space beneath a 400-year-old tree in the garden, where they spent days enjoying local olives and the region’s spicy Syrah. These happy memories are stuck in Olivier’s mind – probably one of the reasons why he transformed the legendary “tree of art” into a “tree house of culinary art”. Guests of Domaine des Andéols can enjoy freshly grilled steaks in the tree overlooking the picturesque landscape of the Provence.

But back to Olivier: even as he grew older, art played an important role in his life – so, he decided to study photography at École du Louvre and École de Photographie de Vevey. Over the years he has become one of the most influential artistic directors of the fashion and lifestyle industries – organizing events for Louis Vuitton, Jean-Paul Gaultier or Christian Dior.

Complementing the high-flying life of an artistic director, Olivier teamed up with his wife Patricia to revive his childhood playground and create Domaine des Andéols – a Gesamtkunstwerk in the heart of the Provence; set to surprise even the most well-traveled guest. Having spent the last 20 years collecting paintings, photographs, furniture as well as objects and seeing no point in keeping the collection private, they formed a place they could share with artists and designers, their circle of friends, and guests from around the world. Today, the ten luxurious villas of Domaine des Andéols share space with more than 250 pieces from the Massart’s personal collection, and each of the villas is inspired by an artwork, color or theme. In order to continue their passion of collecting, the pair has created an interesting program: artists can stay at the hotel for free (based upon availability) and pay with a picture or a sculpture. As a result, walking through the hotel is like strolling through a modern art museum, with originals from Warhol to Newton.

With stunning hotels like this, who needs… museums?





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